Intangible Threads

The Front Space, 1 Front Street, Rollinsford, NH


Featuring Artists: Furen Dai, Nina Earley, Diana Jean Puglisi


April 27-May 13, 2017 | Reception Saturday, May 6, 2-5pm

Intangible Threads brings together the work of three artists whose mixed-media practices incorporate sewing as a means for the preservation of memory. “Carrying a thread” describes continuity from one idea or passage to the next. Here, we look at this phrase literally and metaphorically, as sewing both fuses parts into a whole, and acts as a tool for maintaining and cultivating tradition.

For example, making clothing, quilts, and shelter with needle, thread, and hide or cloth, are historical and monumental ways through which sewing has provided the fabric for settled society. Physically, the in and out pattern of simple stitching repeats as it moves forward, thus referencing its past with each new mark. In this exhibition, Furen Dai, Nina Earley, and Diana Jean Puglisi utilize thread in combination with ceramic, paper, photographic processes, and fiber, in manners that propagate history; both personal, and cultural.

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