Myths & Valor

The Front Space, 1 Front Street, Rollinsford, NH


Featuring Artists: John Buron, Keith MacLelland, Bill Porter


June 15-July15, 2017 | Reception Saturday, June 17, 4-6pm

Myths and Valor explores components of American nostalgia through objects, icons, and stories. Through their displacement or alteration, artists John Buron, Keith MacLelland, and Bill Porter reconsider these components for a fluid contemporary era in which anything seems possible, whether for better or for worse.

One view of mid-20th century America is a golden perception; of contentment, consumerism, and conformism. It was indeed a “booming” time period, the birth of “classic” American visual culture, and a bright, naive dawn that many modes of media ask us to harken back to. In Myths and Valor, John Buron, Keith MacLelland, and Bill Porter examine these origins, question the validity of memory, and address such romanticism with this bygone era. Photographic memorabilia, familiar household fragments, classic comics, and Hollywood icons are stable and reassuring; they remind us of home, childhood, and help us to feel protected. Exploring the nuances and sometimes dark humor behind these remnants, Buron, MacLelland and Porter gently probe us to reflect on the past critically.

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