Seen from the Anthropocene

Chashama, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, New York


Featuring Artists: Wiley Aker, Christopher Blyth, Sam Horowitz, Coalfather Industries (Kara Jansson and Craig Newsom), Sarah Langsam, Micheal James Murray, Aleksandar Popovic, Kate Rusek


October 24-November 12, 2017 | Reception Thursday, November 2, 6-9pm

"Seen from the Anthropocene" embarks on a conversation about the effects of global warming on our planet, and considers human activity the catalyst for the process. Using painting, encaustic, photography, video, wood, and post-consumer material, nine artists comment on a landscape that has been so altered by mankind it has been dubbed The Anthropocene by geologists; “anthropo” for “man,” and “cene” meaning “new.” Investigating the dichotomy of dependence and abuse between humans and nature, stoked by scientific research, and inspired by the resulting emotions, Seen from the Anthropocene reflects real and imagined versions of our world, both optimistic and heartbreaking. Also incorporated into this exhibition is the recognition and disbelief that hard facts can be fluid, and even debated, in today’s world.


Artists Wiley Aker, Christopher Blyth, Sam Horowitz, Coalfather Industries (Kara Jansson and Craig Newsom), Sarah Langsam, Michael James Murray, Aleksandar Popovic, and Kate Rusek explore feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and sadness, but also portray hope in their work. With landscapes that are informed by the present, they depict possibilities of a not-so-distant future.

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