National Exhibition, Gallery 263, Winter 2017


Juried by, Boston-based Artists: Denise Driscoll (Fountain Street Fine Art) & Nathalie Miebach (Miller Yezerski Gallery) 


Pattern and repetitive process go hand-in-hand. An entire practice may be made of similar gestures; each mark, movement or sound informing the next. Maps and systems are connected by similar shapes and textures; patterned artworks are created through a meditative, repeated process. Each individual cell, used repetitively—iterated—can can be just as fascinating as the sum. Seeking work of all 2D, 3D and time-based media that employs pattern through an iterative process. Open to US residents. See below for size restrictions and further details.

Press Release

Gallery 263 is pleased to present Iteration, a Juried Exhibition featuring the work of 37 artists from across the nation. With an array of media, including; ink, paint, graphite, fiber, encaustic, drypoint, video, photography, and much more, these artists embark on obsessive and meditative journeys.

Repetition in any endeavor builds skill, supports memory, and requires patience. The artists featured in Iteration relish in this method of practice. You’ll find concentrated, and playful, interpretations of the theme; from lyrical planes brimming with dazzling technique, to disrupted or paused patterns that take respite in negative space. Some artists seek order in the organic – fruit, hair, mushrooms, wood – and produce uncanny results. Other work depicts growth, while remarking on dilution or evolution as a result of repetition. Further artists consider automation, nodding to contemporary modes of information consumption by pixelating, layering, framing, and surveilling their subjects. Gesture is ample in this exhibition, whether through restrained acts of endurance, such as knotting, pinning, penciling, or dotting thousands of times, or in rhythmic, expressive strokes. Iteration examines compositions which are metronomic, yet gently capricious.

Gallery 263 is deeply grateful for Denise Driscoll and Nathalie Miebach’s combined skills in selecting the artwork for this exhibition.

Denise Driscoll is a multidisciplinary artist using painting, installation and collaborative practice to explore interconnection, inner experience and invisible social structures. Driscoll’s paintings and projects have been exhibited at the Boston Center for the Arts, Babson College, Bunker Hill Community College, Lesley University, UMass-Amherst, The New Hampshire Institute of Art, Dana Hall Gallery, and the New Art Center where she was awarded a Curatorial Opportunity Program exhibit for Material Meditation. Driscoll holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology from the University of South Carolina (1982) and an MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design (2007) where she currently teaches. Represented by Fountain Street Fine Art and Art in Giving, Driscoll maintains a studio in Framingham and lives in Holliston, MA.

Nathalie Miebach's work focuses on the intersection of art and science and the visual articulation of scientific observations. Using the methodologies and processes of both disciplines, she translates scientific data related to astronomy, ecology and meteorology into woven sculptures. In a new body of 2D works, Miebach maps sounds with collage. Represented by Miller Yezerski Gallery in Boston, MA, Miebach also shows extensively nation-wide. Current and upcoming exhibition highlights include the Akron Art Museum (OH), Bakalar & Paine Gallery (MA), and the Children’s Museum of New York City. Miebach is a Global TED Talk speaker, and most recently was featured by CNN. Miebach holds a BA in Political Science from Oberlin College, OH, and both a Master of Art Education and MFA from Massachusetts College of Art, MA. She is a recipient of the Virginia A Groot Foundation Award, and was the IAPP Artist in Residence at the Global Privacy Summit in Washington DC in 2016.

Iteration features work by the following artists:

Ayako Abe-Miller / Gill Alexander / Peter Arvidson / Susan Bauer / Katina Bitsicas / Jody Boyer / Jackie Brown / Lindsey Caputo / Julie Carcione Cavaz / Jill Christian / Jeanne Ciravolo / Patty deGrandpre / Furen Dai / Madge Evers / Sherman Finch / Emily Garfield / Tony Holmquist / Alison Horvitz / Jim Kociuba / Mirela Kulovic / Ted Lilley / Alejandro Loureiro Lorenzo / Andy Mattern / Frank Mauceri / Maureen McCabe / Rosemary Meza-DesPlas / Loretta Park / Marcus Parsons / Dana Piazza / Taney Roniger / Sima Schloss / Rebecca Schnopp / Pamela Shipley / Rebecca Skinner / Lorraine Sullivan / Anna Swanson / Brenda van der Beek

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Regional Exhibition, Gallery 263, Fall 2016


Juried by Nancy Adams, Communications Administrator at MIT D-Lab and Mobius affiliate, Cambridge, MA


Gallery 263 seeks inspired depictions of tomorrow. What do you picture as the future of our world, or what you want to see? Your vision may be utopian, idealistic, sobering, or a warning cry to evaluate human behaviors now. By illuminating future possibilities, exploring fantasy, and making predictions, you provide a valuable visual contribution to our world. In addition to expanding our imaginations, you ultimately fuel innovation, and influence change among our leaders and one another. Artwork may address (among many other topics): technology, architecture and urban planning, lifestyle, health, the environment, food, social problems, globalization, international relations, pop culture, politics, etc. 

Press Release

Gallery 263 is pleased to present our Fall Regional Juried Exhibition, Future Visions, featuring 23 artworks selected by Nancy Adams (Communications Administrator, MIT D-Lab and Mobius affiliate). The exhibition highlights artists from Massachusetts, Maine and New York, and includes a variety of media such as video installation, painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, collage, digital art and fiber.

Each artwork in Future Visions is positioned in response to questions about fate. As a whole, the combination of work is inconclusive, as is the vast unknown of tomorrow. Rather, ambiguity leaves room for conceptual investigations: Among these pieces, you will find creative hypotheses about changes to our built surroundings and landscape, on earth and beyond. Musings on art as “meta” - a history in mark-making and visual language - are raised as the field continues to evolve. Artists react to our developing relationship with technology, and its impact on our interpersonal communication skills and abilities for human connection. Currents of paranoia, futility, loneliness, sadness and irony flow through the exhibition. Hope is not always present in the content of the work, but it is felt by these makers’ cumulatively sharp observations, their curiosity, and their regard for potential.


Gallery 263 is greatly appreciative of Nancy Adams’ help in selecting theartwork for Future Visions. Nancy Adams is the Communications Administrator for MIT D-Lab,a dynamic, collaborative, interdisciplinary, international development program focused on the design of affordable technology and services for resource-poor settings. Prior to working at D-Lab, for more than 20 years, Nancy was associated with the Boston-area alternative arts organization, Mobius. She served both as a longtime Artist Member, and co-Director or Director of the organization for nine years. Nancy has presented over 30 visually based performances at galleries, festivals, outdoors, and performance spaces. Additionally, Nancy has held guest teaching positions at the Massachusetts College of Art, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, Montserrat College of Art, and Trinity College (Hartford). Over the past dozen years, while raising two daughters and working full time, Nancy has been developing strategies for efficiently and satisfyingly engaging in the world as an artist and citizen.


Future Visions features work by the following artists:
Gregory Albertson / Joseph Bacou / Delia Cadman / Melissa Gollance / Peter Hamlin / Sirarpi Heghinian-Walzer / Bob Hesse / Frank Koran / Leah Netsky / Jessica Nora / Petrea Noyes / Lauren Orchowski / Marcus Parsons / Ken Perez / Aleksandar Popovic / Karen Rothman / Khalid Sabree / Susan Schmidt / Alycia Thompson / Elizabeth Weiss / Timothy Wilson / Cassandra Zampini

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On the Body Call for Art Julia Kirchmer Gallery 263

National Exhibition, Gallery 263, Winter 2016


Juried by Ruth Erickson, Associate Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Gallery 263 seeks contemporary work On the Body. Consider the figure draped, decorated, sculpted…from couture to tattoos to anatomy. Capture form in motion, among natural or constructed surroundings, or in relation to others. The body is our ultimate tool for experience, connection and expression – show us your reflections, On the Body.

Press Release

Gallery 263 is excited to announce On the Body, a national juried exhibition selected by Ruth Erickson (Associate Curator at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston). The exhibition is comprised of 30 beautiful, original, and poignant works by 29 artists in a wide variety of media, including oil paint, photography, marble, pastel, cyanotype, bronze, video and more.

The body is a means for experience, an instrument of connection, and an outlet for expression. Several of the artworks in On the Body use the human form as a powerful mechanism of defiance towards perceptions of “normalcy”; They rebel against ageism and body shaming, and spark conversations of race and gender (Bags, Bertman, Feldman-Emison, Jamezie, Romeo, Wells). Many bare the body as both form and subject, honing in on delicate details and analyzing architectural shapes (Lyons, Marksteiner, Sobelson, Zabarsky). Some artists have bravely exposed their subject(s)’ physical and psychological spaces, prompting the viewer to explore, discover clues, and develop insight (Anderson, Ferreira, Siegelman, Thompson, Ware). Others estrange the body by duplicating or exaggerating (Bingham, Sullivan, Volinksy), elegantly hiding the form within technique or surroundings (Perez, Rosenthal), that sometimes approach the surreal (Dorgan, Du). Inspiration also hails from Classical Western antiquity, including Greco-Roman sculpture (Freeman, Morse), and the pedestal itself (Hyde). Those pieces that depict movement perfectly match the captured position’s tone to the work’s composition (Beault, Carlisle, Chung, Cseko).  As a group, On the Body gives rise to humility by reflecting versions of ourselves that inspire wonder - though skin, hair, muscle and bone are the most familiar subjects of all.

Gallery 263 offers our deepest thanks and appreciation to Ruth Erickson, for her skillful eye in selecting the work for this exhibition. Ruth Erickson is Associate Curator at The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston. She recently opened two exhibitions at the ICA; Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College 1933-1957, as well as The Birthday Party, featuring Iranian artists Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, and Hesam Rahmanian. She is currently working on a survey of Mark Dion’s work for 2017. From 2004-2007, she was curator at BCA Center in Burlington, VT, and she received her Ph.D. in art history from the University of Pennsylvania.


On the Body features work by the following artists:

Erin Anderson / Old Bags / Louisa Bertman / Tanmaya Bingham / Douglas Breault / Ross Carlisle / Nina Chung / Julia Cseko / Sam Dorgan / Kewei Du / Chloë Feldman Emison / Christopher Ferreria / Nicholas Freeman / Jamezie / Rook Hyde / Gray Lyons / Erica Marksteiner / Evan Morse / Veronica Perez / Steven Romeo / Karin Rosenthal / Robert Siegelman / Joel Sobelson / Brendan Sullivan / Kristine Thompson / Rebecca Volinsky / Ginger Ware / Taryn Wells / Kalman Zabarsky

Installation Images

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